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AMADA Software solution: Blank Solution Pack - Amada Engineering Europe

  • 29 August 2018

The Blank Solution Pack is an all-in-one software solution for the off-line programming of the AMADA Blanking machines (Laser, Punching, Combination). It includes all the latest AMADA software products and technologies to grant you the fastest and safer way for the blanking production data creation.

Which Software solutions are included in Blank Solution Pack?

The AMADA Sheet Metal Base CAD system.

Unlike the standard 2D CAD systems, AP100 includes specific sheet metal drawing & unfolding functionalities to quickly and efficiently design 3D sheet metal components starting from the 2D unfold drawing.

Thanks to real bend deduction data coming from the AMADA experience in the bending area, AP100 CAD ensures a correct 3D sheet metal model and 2D unfold drawing creation, without the need of drawing revisioning.

Production Designer allows you to import the most common 2D/3D data formats, it automatically converts them into the AMADA 3D Sheet-metal Engineering Model (SEM) and save the resulting data into the AMADA Digital Database (vSDD).

It can automatically recognize sheet metal specific attributes like bend data (V bend, hemming bend etc.), and blanking data (extrusions, tapping, emboss, louver, etc.), to ensure a correct CAM processing.

Production Designer is deeply integrated into the VPSS3i Suite for an immediate connection with the AMADA Blanking, Bending and Welding CAM engines.

Main function:
– 2D/3D import, feature recognition and unfold functionalities
– Design check and correction functions
– Processing attributes recognition (Blanking, Bending, Welding)
– Auto 2D-to-3D solid
– 3D assembly model handling
– Integrate connection with AMADA Digital Databases (SDD-J, vSDD)
– Different exporting capabilities (STEP, SAT, DXF, DWG)

The self-driving solution for the AMADA Blanking machines.

VPSS 3i Blank is the newest generation of fully automated and highly efficient programming system for the AMADA punching, laser and combi machines.

VPSS 3i Blank is a perfect mix of advanced auto processing algorithms (nesting creation, tool assignments and process sequence) and smart editing environment for quick adjustments based on the operator experience.

Being deeply integrated into the VPSS3i Suite, you can even start the single part processing in Production Designer and conclude the nesting process in VPSS3i Blank (in manual or automatic way), for the highest programming flexibility.

Moreover, it allows competitor machines to be programmed using the CUT5 extended Module (CAM solution for non-AMADA laser machines management).

AMADA team is always at your complete disposal, please contact your reference AMADA Sales Company to get further information!

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