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AMADA Industry 4.0 projects - Amada Engineering Europe

  • 16 May 2017

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Relying on its know-how and competences, AMADA has long been investing huge resources to realize solutions even more geared towards the needs of Smart Manufacturing.

The development of IoT concepts, that is, the implementation of solutions and systems able to perform data collection from their own machines, was Amada’s first step towards Industry 4.0.
We are referring to production data, machine working data, machine status, acquired by CNC and HMI in real time to be provided to the customers through all the available devices.
To satisfy these needs, a software interface has been set up to detect all data collected and send them, from each single machine, to a cloud storage accessible at any time.
This data can be displayed through the new mobile App “Amada Keeper” (available for IoS and Android operating systems) or through a dedicated web portal realized by AMADA to provide its customers with their just-in-time data, letting them know what and how the machines are producing, advising them of any machine alert and giving them information about their production’s efficiency.

Compared to the demo version, shown during Euroblech 2016 in Hannover, new KPI (key performance indicator) and new features have been introduced. These statistics can be very useful for the process optimization as well as tool and equipment storage.

Larger analysis opportunities will be the ones reachable via browser thanks to the new web portal that will allow the user to select and customize, with even higher precision, their records and statistics. This portal has also another important feature that provide, in addition to customer access, a future access reserved for AMADA subsidiaries.
Each subsidiary will then have access to its own customer base and will be able to view information such as machine data and localization, optimizing, consequently, the entire service and support phase through a first and most immediate diagnosis of any alerts and bugs.

But innovation does not stop here, in fact, the future Amada machines will be equipped with additional sensors (currently under study and test) to detect further meaningful data to be displayed in the several analyses.
This “expansion” will keep a unique software platform therefore, in the future, the customer will not have to install additional applications or make any changes to his system.
It is also important to highlight that all data collected by Amada machines will be compatible and also sharable with third-party software via OPC-UA protocol or via web API.

Furthermore, AMADA aims for an even more ambitious goal that provides for global information integration.
The target is to be able to connect directly, in an integrated environment, an external production management system (ERP) with AMADA CAD / CAM programming systems in a deep integration view of process technology. This would allow to manage and monitor both the production planning phase and its advancement phase, supporting the operator and speeding up all those phases that can be automated.
In addition, thanks to this integration process, the information, once arrived at the machine, will return a just-in-time supplying both the ERP and the scheduling, making possible different optimization levels.

For AMADA, another important topic is the predictive maintenance.
AMADA, thanks to the approach given to its Industry 4.0 project, would like to implement an even more advanced and possibly interactive service and support system using innovative and flexible systems that can remotely facilitate diagnosis and possible service strategy, optimizing and speeding up all the operations.
In order to realize these projects, a new operational approach will be needed: than means a mindset change, a predisposition to innovation, training and information in order to propose a new way of process management.

The new solution Amada Keeper (web portal and mobile app for machines monitoring) will be officially presented during Lamiera 2017 that will be held in Milan from May 17th to 20th.
Amada and all its staff will be really glad to welcome you at PAVILION 15 – BOOTH D38/E31 to discover and try, in real-time, all the latest news connected to Industry 4.0!

Click here to see the video “Amada smart factory solutions demonstration”

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