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A new impulse toward the Research and Innovation - Amada Engineering Europe

  • 23 January 2017


The digital change, due to the fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0), is strongly encouraged by the fast growth of ICT technologies: Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, intelligent and collaborative robots, autonomous drones, 3D printing, wireless communications, etc.

This trend doesn’t implicate only an increase in the industrial automation level but, above all, the statement of completely new approaches in development, implementation and management of the factory dynamics.

Furthermore, an ever increasing complexity of the product has to be considered, which is expressed in many aspects such as the number of features, components, processing steps, different materials, market and usage variability and etc., and which creates new technological and organizational challenges to traditional production methods.

Nowadays the manufacturing companies, in order to be competitive on global scale, need to rely on high skilled personnel and to be supported by advanced automation systems and ICT tools (Information and Communications Technology).

AEE pays particular attentions to the rapid changes that are occurring in the world of technologies and, therefore, aims to offer technological advanced solutions able to meet the requests of this new market, even more dynamic and demanding.

In this context, AEE has renewed a great impulse to Innovation, Training, Research & Development, promoting Important collaborations with the main Research Centers and Universities in the development of funded projects, designed and developed to stimulate technological innovations and face on market requests.

In the recent years, AEE has participated in several public calls for projects funded, allowing the growth of its own knowledges and giving its contribution to Research & Innovation.

Currently, AEE is involved into the CLUSTER FABBRICA INTELLIGENTE – High Performance Manufacturing project, promoted by MIUR (Ministero Italiano Università e Ricerca) and DISLO-MAN project, recently launched by Regione Piemonte.

The “High Performance Manufacturing”, coordinated by the Consorzio MUSP, an high-tech/high-competence lab focusing on applied research in the machines’ industry in Piacenza, aims to increase the performance level of productions systems.

Besides AEE, other local companies, as Mandelli, MCM and Jobs, are involved in this project.

AEE, as reference company of the Work Package 4 (WP4) “High Performance System for Deformation of Steel Sheets“, has three different targets:
Development of integrated software systems for virtual prototyping and bending processes correction;
Development of Algorithms and self-teaching integrated systems for bending and welding robots, based on artificial vision;
Development of an “Intelligent warehouse”: integration of the production planning system with loading and dispatching algorithms.

AEE, besides the Consorzio MUSP collaboration, set up fruitful collaborations with important Universities, among which stands out the Politecnico di Milano, the most prestigious scientific and technological University in Italy.

The main target of DISLO-MAN project, where AEE is one of the main promoters, is to realize a ICT platform, based on Industry 4.0, Cloud and IoT concepts, for the integrated, dynamics and high level management of the manufacturing systems with a consequent optimization of resources (people, materials, production systems)

Reply, FCA, Ferrero and SKF are just some of the main partners of this important project.

AEE is mainly involved in two WP and, as reference coordinator of the WP “Machine Tools Production Site Demonstrator and Use Case applications”, has the mission to realize and demonstrate a system to support the maintenance of plant for the production of discrete parts.

Concretely, AEE contribution consist in development of specific modules for the acquisition and integrations of signals coming from the field. The elaborated information will be used to identify the need for maintenance service, both in case of verified conditions (on-condition maintenance), both foreseeing their imminent occurrence (predictive maintenance).

In addition to the existing projects, AEE is actively promoting the development of new funded projects continuing to invest in Research and Innovation in order to develop and deliver solutions even more competitive, innovative and technologically advanced.

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